AnimationStudio is the World’s first video creation software that enables you to produce animated Explainer videos.

Your videos can have narration in any of 25 world languages and with the text-to-speech function, you can do it in just minutes.

You know from experience know how powerful video is (we all are moved to buy when we see a powerful sales video, right?)

Explainer videos, with someone explaining the product, what its benefits are and how it works, are one of the most powerful types of videos for making a sale. The problem we small businesses have is they can be expensive and time consuming to produce.

You can pay hundreds of dollars to get an explainer video created by a professional. Now with AnimationStudio, you don’t need an expensive professional. You can create high quality, animated explainer videos in just minutes.

You can make videos for your own business, Besides that, because you are getting a commercial license,you can sell the videos you create to any business you choose. In effect you can become the professional other businesses come to when they need a video.

AnimationStudio includes pre-made templates across the hottest niches. Start with a template and customize it for any client.

When you make a video, you can:
► Record your own voice in the video,
► Use the premade professional voice-overs from Todd Gross (over 50 are available)
► Use the included text-to-speech engine
► Hire a voice actor on Fiverr and upload their voice
► Or just add background music without voice.

In case you are concerned that you might not have the tech skills to use this software, you will be happy to know that AnimationStudio features a drag and drop interface with a timeline, which controls when a component [for example, a voice] occurs in the video. This user interface allows you to do quick and easy editing.

There’s a lot more we could say, but it’s best that you get it from the horse’s mouth, here: AnimationStudio

P.S. Check out all the bonuses on the sales page. You will be impressed. And we have additional bonuses, provided by the software creators, besides those on the sales page. Check them out here: AnimatioStudio bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers.

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