By advertising on Google you can improve your brand awareness, reach more customers and consistently measure your performance. By having an insight into creation of right ads you can improve your ROI.

WordStream contributor Allison Day has shared six steps to help you create effective Google ads for 2020.

Allison says, “In this guide, I’m going to walk you through the steps you need to give your Google Ads account a quick refresh for the new year. And after you go through these steps once, you’ll realize that it really doesn’t take too long to give your account a good gut check. It might even be a good idea to even go through these steps monthly. With the increased results and decreased wasted spend that comes from this exercise, you’ll realize that it is 100% worth your time!

A quick quality reminder

Before we get into the six steps, I just want to remind you that one thing to ALWAYS aim for is a high Quality Score. If you’re not already aware, a high Quality Score improves your ads’ chances of being shown and decreases the amount you’ll need to bid on them”.

6 Easy Steps to Get Your Google Ads Ready for 2020


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