Effective communication empowers you to build stronger relationship with your customers and win them. You can get more sales done with tactics like storytelling.

Impact contributor Zach Basner has published a new podcast episode ‘Storytelling and brain science in sales & marketing videos’ to help you improve your sales and marketing.

Basner says, “When you think about how you’re communicating in your video content, have you ever considered the chemical reaction your viewers have?

My guess is probably not.

Oftentimes, if we were to define how we want our content to come across to our viewers we will use words like “engaging” or “trust-building.”

But is science at play when it comes to eliciting these responses?

In this episode of the Film School for Marketers Podcast, we’re sharing our thoughts from a TED Talk from communication expert David JP Phillips titled, “The Magical Science of Storytelling.”

We’ll be breaking down the chemical reactions that move your viewers to action, and the ones that prevent it”.

Storytelling and brain science in sales & marketing videos


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