When it comes to providing better user experience to your visitors, the website speed turns out to be a critical element. Your site’s higher bounce rate could be due to its slow speed.

Website Speed

MOZ contributor Tom Anthony has shared four ideas to help you improve your site speed.

Anthony says, “Most site speed improvements are the result of a bunch of small changes, and so in this post I’m going to cover a few ideas that I’ve never seen in any site speed audit, all of which can make a difference.

A different angle on image optimization

Consider optimized SVGs over PNGs

I was recently looking to book some tickets to see Frozen 2 (because of, erm, my kids…) and so landed on this page. It makes use of three SVG images for transport icons.

SVG images are vector images, so they’re well-suited for things like icons; if you have images displayed as PNGs you may want to ask your designers for the original SVGs, as there can be considerable savings. Though not always better, using an SVG can save 60% of the filesize”.

Better Site Speed: 4 Outside-the-Box Ideas


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