Along with the right knowledge, there prevail several myths about search engine optimization process. If you are not alert, they could become a hurdle in your way to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Mike Murray has shared seven such SEO myths you need to be careful about.

Murray says, “SEO myths and misunderstandings abound in the digital marketing world.

Although a little truth may be buried in some of these misconceptions, it’s best to understand the nuances. Here’s my advice: Focus first on your users and play fair with search engines. Then you won’t need to worry whether you’ll be kicked off Google.

Here’s a closer look at seven SEO myths.

Myth 1: Focus on quality content and topics, not keywords

Of course you should have quality content. Why wouldn’t you? But is that a good way to approach SEO?

Your quality content may not rank well on Google. Other websites – not yours – will get traffic for relevant keywords. Figure out what key phrases you can rank for rather than just assuming your best content will land you the top spots”.

7 SEO Myths that Could Limit Your Google Keyword Rankings

Content Marketing Institute

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