Imagine live actors promoting your products, without the high cost. That’s what Max Rylski is offering you with his new Green Screen Actors Mega-Sale.

Since the actors are presented in front of green screens, you can merge your own artwork of a product, a sale, or other special event so that by theiir movements and gestures, they will be calling attention to your offer.

These actors can make your videos look like professional TV commercials. And that professionalism will rub off onto your product, so it will look classier than ever before.

Over 500 videos are included. You can see a sample here: Green Screen Actors Mega-Sale.

These new videos let you skip skip choosing actors, renting a studio and lighting equipment, hiring a camera man, etc. Rylski has handled all of this for you.

These actors are placed in various situations. In some they are celebrating (how your product helped them, of course.) In others they are frustrated with a problem your product can solve.

Other situations include shopping, talking on the phone, using a laptop (in some, the laptop itself has a green screen), presenting and lots more.

If you don’t have software that can edit green screen videos to insert your own content, don’t worry. Rylski has included a Video Editor to help You edit the videos. (You can use it to edit other videos, too.)

He also includes a lot of background footage that you can combine with your green screen actors to place them in various locations, such as an office, a shopping mall, etc.

With the power this offers you, get your own professional actors to promote your products, here: Green Screen Actors Mega-Sale.

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