“Arbitrage” is just a fancy word for the normal activity of thousands of businesses. They buy products at a wholesale or “insider” price and then resell them at a higher retail price.

The major sellers of books, music and movies on eBay do just that, for example. They find low-cost sources for products their customers like, then buy them, advertise them and sell them for a profit.

The point is that this is both normal and something any marketer can do, and it works for both products and services. You may need a little training on what products are easy to sell, where to buy and sell them (and how to get traffic to your sales page) and how to price them, but you can do it.

There is new software (with complete training) just released by Jamie Lewis, called Easy Arbitrage.

This is a software suite of three control panels for your arbitrage business (the same ones Lewis personally uses) to indicate when there is a profit opportunity (a difference between the wholesale price and the retail price) for:
1. Buy & sell prices in the e-commerce industry
2. Traffic costs and monetization value in the Information Marketing industry
3. Promotion opportunities and fulfillment costs in the service industry.

These control panels are designed to show multiple opportunities for arbitrage. The ones that look promising have a green indicator. Once you decide to promote an opportunity, there is a direct link beside that product or service that you can use to sign up for the affiliate program, post an ad or list the product or service for sale.

The control panel is your crystal ball that shows you products and services you can buy low and sell high in the online world. Use Easy Arbitrage over and over again. Every day, you may do up to 20 searches looking for arbitrage opportunities. Each search can potentially find several opportunities to choose from.

Supporting your work, Lewis has included highly produced tutorials to walk you through all three types of opportunities.

Lewis explains the whole arbitrage process here; check it out: Easy Arbitrage.

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