Pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand as both the tactics are used to get more web traffic. Your customers can find you easily if you are using these two marketing techniques.

Know Agency contributor Jane Phelps has shared five benefits of using PPC and SEO together.

Phelps says, “These 5 benefits of using PPC and SEO together underscore why an all-or-nothing approach to just SEO or PPC won’t get you the best possible search results.

1. Share Keyword Data

Keywords are the words, sentences, and questions people type or ask of Google. These phrases are often referred to as search queries.

At their most basic, keywords are how people find products, services, information, and answers to their questions. For SEO and PPC, this means it’s important to know and understand what keywords people are using most to find your website.

PPC advertising campaigns use keyword data to inform ad structure, wording, focus, and messaging. SEO uses keyword data to guide website and social media content, so you can create content that gives people what they’re looking for”.

PPC and SEO: 5 Benefits of Using PPC and SEO Together

Know Agency

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