Content writing is a creative job where you need to be clear about your objectives and the audience you are targeting. This process doesn’t require only effective writing skills, you also need to develop clarity on how you can make your audience take action with the help of your content.

State of Digital contributor Lauren Irwin has shared six questions answering to which you can improve your content creation process.

Irwin says, “There’s a light at the end of that dreary tunnel of average time spent on pages and exit rate. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself when getting started as a content writer and forming the skeleton for page content, before you even start the writing itself.

1. What is the page’s core goal?

This one is fairly simple. What’s the goal of the page? What do you want the page to achieve and what do you want a user to do or think? Every page should have a different goal in mind, whether that’s an initial impression of the business (such as a homepage) or converting a customer to a lead after reading a product page. No matter which page, a clear purpose should be outlined for each one and what you want your customer to do by the end of reading/scrolling through it”.

6 Questions to Ask When Writing Web Page Content

State of Digital

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