Audience engagement is one of the most important ways to grow your online sales. You can reach out your audience using the social media platforms and other marketing tools.

Google’s Daryna Chushko has shared five ways to keep your audience engaged post holidays.

Chushko says, “Congrats on completing the marathon. What happens now? 

You might notice a drop in your RPMs and impressions. Don’t panic, it’s ok. You didn’t do anything wrong it’s the January blues. Remember that RPMs and internet traffic drive spikes but can also drive drops. As internet traffic decreases after the holiday, it is common to experience a drop in January. This is your RPMs returning to normal. This represents a new opportunity for you to focus on retaining the audience you gained and experiment with your AdSense account. 

How to retain your audience? 

Top trending January 

Users are still online in January but their searches are different. This could be the time of a year for a perfect match between their searches and your content. Users have many topics on their radar, such as lifestyle, health and travel”.

Keep your audience engaged post holidays

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