Google can contribute to your website’s success or contribute to its downfall, depending on how it estimates your site’s value to their search clients.

Google looks for “signals” that tell it your site is important and helpful. If it finds a lot of these signals (such as backlinks, mentions in social media, even how well it can crawl your site to understand what it is focused on), it judges the site worthwhile and gives it a good ranking.

Every webmaster/marketer should pay attention to what Google is looking for and give it the signals that will raise your ranking.

But what are the best signals? How can you be sure Google will see them? How else can Google help you build your site’s popularity? Alex Smith has created a handbook, The Big G Factor, that aims to give you the insights you need into how Google makes its ranking decisions and the other Google services for website monetization.

Here are some of the Google insights you will discover in The Big G Factor:
► Three ways to boost your income with Google’s help
► Secrets to getting your site quickly indexed into Google
► Secrets to achieving top rankings for highly competitive keywords, the kind that are being searched by millions online, without resorting to the tempting but risky black hat methods some marketers attempt
► How to squeeze the most web traffic from Google Search Engine
► How to use an Adwords campaign to build traffic from prospects of your choice, minimizing the cost for the people who aren’t likely to buy
► How to bid on profitable Adwords keywords
► How to use Google’s Adsense program for additional monetization
► How to build content rich sites to achieve laser-focused Adsense displayed beside your strategically created content
► How to combine Google programs to boost your Internet revenue

To eliminate any concerns you may have, Smith is giving you a 14 day money-back guarantee on this training.

Get the whole story here: The Big G Factor.

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