Page Rank is a measure of how much search engines (specifically, Google, but other search engines usually agree) value your site and send searchers to it for relevant queries.

A high page rank indicates Google likes the site. At takes time and effort to build high page rank for a site. Rarely does a site earn high page rank quickly.

However, there is a way to build a site that does have high page rank from the beginning. If someone creates a site, works on it for a few years until its page rank is high and then abandons it, you may be able to use the abandoned domain name to build your own site and benefit from all their work.

In this scenario, your site could inherit the page rank of the prior site with this domain name. That usually includes having dozens of other site linking to yours (because they were linking to the prior site and those links are still there.)

When you find a domain name like this and put a new website on it, you can build your own business there, or your can “flip” it (or even rent it) to another marketer looking for a site to work with. Sites with a lot of backlinks are valuable and can be sold for a good price.

If you could find abandoned high page rank domains, your work could be simplified, and your time to success could be radically improved. But finding a domain name like this, among the thousands becoming available daily, is like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

Walt Bayless has just released a new tool that makes it easy to find these domain names. He calls it PR Rage.

This new cloud-based software (it’s SaaS; nothing to download) does all the heavy lifting for you. It runs all the checks and finds you high-value domains in seconds.

In seconds, PR Rage the information you need to have before buying a domain:
• The age of the domain name,
• The backlinks to it and
• All the other parameters that will help you make the right decision.

You can acquire the domain names it finds for as little as $10, in most cases; sometimes, a little more.

PR Rage simplifies buying and selling domain names successfully so that regular people like you and me can make “domaining” (something that just scares away a lot of people) our successful business.

Here’s an example of what can be done with good domain names. Willie Crawford bought a domain for $32. And soon he was making $250 a month with it. Now, after repeating this process, he has a portfolio of domain names that earn him a 6 figure monthly income. Bayliss interviews him about his process on the sale page for PR Rage. Check it out.

There are new domain names becoming available every day. You can build a business using the best of them to build sites you monetize, rent or flip (or in some cases, you can flip the name, itself, without even building a site). Get the whole story here: PR Rage.

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