Everyone want to make his products or services useful to the customers and by doing this establish strong business roots. For doing this only money cannot help you, you also need a well-thought strategy that enables you to make your services memorable.

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SmartCompany’s Emily Tylor has shared a four-step process to make your business more impactful.

Tylor says, “It’s quite common, in entrepreneurial and startup circles, for the uttering of the word ‘brand’ or even ‘marketing’ to be met with grimaces and rolling eyes. So much so that this startup age has given birth to a new title: chief growth officer. It, for many traditional marketers, probably feels like semantics, or even a title better suited to a wart specialist than someone with a remit extending far beyond hacking short-term growth targets. 

Here are some of the points I’ve made to the naysayers we’ve met along our startup journey. The reasons why, in my experience, it is wise to spend a little time and money early on to get your brand right.

Defining a brand means commitment and focus 

A brand is a lot more than a logo. The process that sits behind it is a valuable exercise in opportunity definition, and importantly, focus.

Why do you exist? Who are you for? Who aren’t you for? What problem do you solve for your audience? What tone of voice will resonate with them most and help you stand out from the category?”.

Be the memorable fish: You should spend time and money defining your brand


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