Your landing pages work as central stage for the products or services you are trying to sell. You can make your landing page perform better with a strong copy that helps you to persuade your prospects to make a purchase.

PPC Hero contributor Alexandria Nixon has shared five elements of a high converting landing page copy.

Read Nixon’s article to make your landing page copy more persuasive and action oriented.

Nixon says, “Copy is a key element during the conversion funnel. Making sure your message is consistent and engaging throughout the whole user journey can be the difference between a converting customer and a bouncing user. In this article, I will run through why copy can be important in so many different locations and give a few tips on how to improve your copy throughout your funnel.


For a paid landing page, ad-copy will be the first thing a user sees. It needs to be enticing enough to convince the user to click on your ad. It is also important for the message of your ad to match the message on your landing page. If a user feels like the promise you made in the ad is not followed through on the landing page, they will likely bounce. For more tips on ad-copy, check out the infographic 10 Mandatory Mobile Ad Copy Tips“.

Crafting Brilliant Landing Page Copy That Converts

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