Effective copywriting is very important for achieving your SEO goals. A well-written copy enables you to get more web traffic.

Cognitive SEO contributor Andreea Sauciuc has published a new guide ‘SEO Writing for Copywriters’ to help you improve your SEO copywriting skills.

Sauciuc says, “We’ve put or hands to work to let you know everything there’s to know about SEO copywriting, from Q to M (keyboard letters arrangement). Leaving the copywriter jokes aside, let’s focus on the how to write for SEO, the basics, and finally the steps to get the Wonderland of first positions on Google. 

1. What Is SEO Writing?

Writing for SEO refers to a technique that pleases not only the reader but the search engines as well. The standard type of copywriting relies on storytelling, on descriptive information, on niched content based on the knowledge of the audience. It is also known as copywriting with SEO in mind”.

SEO Writing for Copywriters → The Ultimate Guide

Cognitive SEO

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