Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is alive and well. It’s just harder than ever before. Originally, people who thought about and experimented with improving their site ranking were rare. Almost anything they did to try to improve their rank worked because most webmasters did nothing.

Today, though, the value of optimization is well-known, so almost all sites do things to gain an edge in the search engines. When everyone does it, then whatever “it” is, it’s no longer a differentiator that makes a site stand out.

That’s why Backlink Flood was released by Alex Smith, to help you distinguish between poor SEO and smart SEO.

SEO can still be helpful, but not done the way it has always been done. Backlinks (links from other sites to your site) are still at the heart of your SEO, but you need to be smart about your backlinking. Not just any backlink will give your site a boost. In fact, some backlinks will hurt your ranking.

Backlink Flood is a thorough explanation of how to do good backlinking, while avoiding the pitfalls that annoy the search engines.

Major corporations use backlinking to rank their sites. In fact, they often have whole teams dedicated to SEO. You don’t need a team; you just need clear instructions for creating your backlinks plus a willingness to take action to get them done.

Backlink Flood includes training in the Rapid Link Indexing system to get your high value links indexed by Google and other major search engines. The sooner your links are indexed, the sooner they will start paying off for you.

The important thing to remember is that all links aren’t created equal. Do an amateur job of link-building and your site may suffer for it. Use smart link-building and your site will prosper.

Discover a systematic backlink building strategy, one that isn’t a “flash in the pan”, here: Backlink Flood.

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