Reading is the best learning strategy as it provides you a wider insight into your area of work. Content marketing involves discovering new ideas for persuading your audience to take desired action.

State of Digital contributor Marijana Kostelac has shared a list of six books that can help you to become a better content marketer.

Kostelac says, “Below are my favorite books to read and reread when I’m looking for a framework to follow and more inspiration to do excellent work. Only two books out of six are what you would consider an expected read for content marketers, so I hope you’ll find a book you haven’t considered reading until now.

1. Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

This list wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t recommend a book from one of the earliest greats of content marketing: Joe Pulizzi. He used the term ‘content marketing’ as early as 2001 and founded the Content Marketing Institute in 2007″.

6 books that will make you a better content marketer

State of Digital

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