Your social media presence helps in creating new connections for building a stronger business with more sales. A well-designed social media profile can play a key role in influencing more people.

Search Engine Journal contributor Kevin Rowe has share five ways to use social media profiles for creating quality links to your websites.

Rowe says, “Having online profiles on the main social networks and websites your core audience visit is not only important to online visibility, but it can help you grow your network, which can organically lead to more inbound links for your content.

Below are five of the best ways to use profiles to help get quality links.

1. Outreach with an Executive’s Profile for Better Response Rates

Connections made with a real person get higher engagement and provide better trust than the same activities done with a company profile.

Many online users have learned to ignore messages and requests from brands on social networking sites, simply because there are just too many companies on there trying to get users to buy their products or share their content. Personal connections continue to matter. It is possible to use network building as a way to share content on an individualized basis”.

5 Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links

Search Engine Journal

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