To achieve social media marketing you need to connect with more people online. By doing this you can give wider exposure to your products and services and improve the chances of achieving more sales.

Business 2 Community contributor Emily Goldfarb has shared four important metrics that an help you to improve your social media marketing.

Goldfarb says, “The term “marketing metrics” encompasses any measurable variable that demonstrates the effectiveness of your campaign. But this raw data alone will not tell you much. To get the most out of your marketing metrics, you need to look at the numbers holistically and understand their tangible implications. This will allow you to figure out how you can improve your content marketing strategy and ultimately boost your marketing ROI.

At Three Girls Media, we recommend you review your Google and social media analytics every 4-6 weeks. In addition to analytics tools on each social media platform, there are a variety of social media analytics tools available online”.

Valuable Marketing Metrics For Social Media Success

Business 2 Community

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