Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a code which can be added to your website. Pixel collects useful data for tracking conversions from Facebook ads and helps you to improve your online marketing.

You can use Pixel to your WordPress website and monitor Facebook ads performance.

Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has shred a step-by-step guide to adding Facebook Pixel to WordPress website for better reporting.

Lofgren says, “In this article, I will take you through both the methods and show you how you can add a Facebook pixel to your WordPress website.

How to Add Facebook Plugin Manually

When you add a Facebook Pixel manually, you just copy the pixel code and paste it on the header of your WordPress website.

To get started with this method, you need to create a Facebook Pixel ID first. If you haven’t created one, you can do that from here“.

How to Add Facebook Pixel to Your WordPress Website

Quick Sprout

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