To make your email marketing successful you need to have a significant number of subscribers interested in your products and services. You can attract more and more subscribers by presenting your sign-up link via different mediums.

In email marketing, the term double opt-in refers to the act of confirmation by your subscriber via a separate email or landing page to officially be added to an email list.

HubSpot contributor Kayla Carmicheal has published a detailed article on double-opt in.

Differentiating between Double Opt-in vs. Single Opt-in, Carmicheal says, “In one step, users can subscribe to emails that use single opt-in. This means that the only thing users have to do to subscribe is type their email address into the required field. Single opt-in is helpful for marketing teams that want the process of signing up for automated emails to be as quick as possible. 

A great benefit of single opt-in is the opportunity to grow your email list faster. The simplicity of automatically subscribing users is helpful if you want an expansive contact list.

On the other hand, double opt-in offers an extra confirmation step to verify each email address added to your contact database. When this setting is enabled, contacts who are created will receive a follow-up email with a link to confirm their email subscription”.

What is Double Opt-In in Email Marketing?


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