Limited-time offers work well during the holiday season and help you to generate more sales. If you are using Facebook to reach out your audience, you can use Facebook ads program to directly promote your offers during this peak season.

Social Media Examiner contributor Sally Hendrick has shared four ways to use Facebook ads for promoting limited-time offers.

Hendrick says, “To maximize potential sales, use a multi-faceted solution that involves Facebook video and retargeting ads to deliver your offers automatically. A few days prior to your campaign going live, you’ll need to have the following areas covered:

  • Ad collateral
  • Custom audiences
  • Retargeting audiences
  • Facebook ad campaign approval

Follow these steps to set up your automated holiday campaign for success.

#1: Design Your Facebook Ad Collateral

You’ll need one trigger video ad and one additional ad for each day of your holiday campaign. To visualize this, in a 12 Days of Christmas campaign, you’d need one trigger video ad and 12 additional product ads. Design these ads in advance”.

How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Limited-Time Offers

Social Media Examiner

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