If you are like many website owners, you struggle to convert your visitors into leads and sales.

Conversion rate (the percent of visitors who respond to your call to action) is a major factor for website success. Boosting your conversion rate increases your profit without any increse in traffic (or expenses).

However, correcting your conversion problem can burn thousands of dollars while you are experimenting with solutions.

This week, new cloud-based software (ConversioWidgets Pro) was announced that helps you address your conversion problems.

This new Conversion Tool for Website Owners consists of 17 Website “Widgets”, all focused on driving conversions.

These include:
• A “Buyer Widget” which added thousands of sales to the creators’ ClickBank accounts in only 2 months.
• A brand new “AI Widget” that grew the creators’ conversion rate by 263% in only 24 hours
• A top secret “Blog Widget which drives around 480 free clicks a day to the creators’ e-commerce site
• 14 other conversion-stacking widgets to generate more leads, bookings and sales.

See all 17 of these conversion widgets here: ConversioWidgets Pro.

These widgets can work for anybody. You don’t need to be tech-savvy ti take advantage of this automated “AI” technology.

ConversioWidgets Pro uses a sophisticated tactic called Nudge Markting (google it to learn more) to drive more sales and generate more leads on Websites.

It’s a technique used, with great success, by Amazon.com and the websites of many other major companies.

Now, with ConversioWidgets Pro, you can:
► Build Your List Faster With AI and Nudge Marketing
► Stop struggling with Generating Leads on your Website
► Get more Leads with new tactic: “Nudge Marketing”

To take just one of these as an example of the new capabilities you are getting, building an email list the usual way is getting harder with each passing day.

That’s because your website visitors have probably seen squeeze pages and opt-in forms a million times across the Web. They don’t take notice anymore. ConversioWidgets Pro solves this problem.

ConversioWidgets Pro accelerates your lead generation. Its nudge marketing automatically generates more leads on your Websites.

Watch the intriguing product demo here and get your own copy: ConversioWidgets Pro.

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