John Johns has collected 800 products in some of the top niches online and made them available for you for under $10 in his Resell Rights Vault. That’s less just over $0.01 per product.

These products are ready for you to use three ways:
1. For your own training
2. To sell to others for their training
3. To sell to other information marketers who want to resell them.

That’s right; you get personal use rights, resale rights and master resale rights, all for under $10.

But wait; there’s more.

Besides these 800 substantial products, many of them he authored, you also get master resale rights (including personal use rights and resale rights) for thousands of photos, 100,000 short articles, and more.

This can put you in business (in several businesses, actually, in several niches) without needing to write content yourself.

In summary, Resell Rights Vault contains:
► Over 800 MRR Products
► Over 3000 MRR Photos
► Over 100,000 MRR Articles
► Over 1000 MRR Web Graphics
► Over 400 MRR Music Tracks

You can sell them and keep 100% of the profits.

Get your own copy here: Resell Rights Vault.

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