Google recently hosted a product summit version of the Webmaster Conference in Mountain View, California. This event was designed to facilitate an open dialog between the webmaster and SEO community and Search product teams.

Manchester based SEO strategies Kieron Hughes attended the event. He has shared some useful insights from Google’s Webmaster Product Summit.

Hughes says, “Here are my thoughts summarised from the day.

1. Google are trying to send ‘higher quality clicks’ to websites

I had many different conversations during the day on how Google are launching new SERP features/units, which from an SEO point of view is hurting brands because it means Google is answering more queries without the need for a click. This is substantiated by data from the likes of Jumpshot (via Rand Fishkin) on the rise of zero-click searches.

An interesting perspective from Google is that they are aiming to send higher quality clicks to websites. It was acknowledged that a brand might receive less direct clicks from search”.

Insights from Google’s Webmaster Product Summit

Kieron Hughes’ Blog

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