Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology helps you to manage and analyze data sets that include multiple data sources in real-time. You can use AI to better understand how your prospects and customers are responding to your offers and plan your future campaign accordingly. Inc. contributor Andrej Kovačević has shared five ways AI is enabling marketers to improve lead generation.

Kovačević says, “Although we’re still in the earliest stages of AI development, there are already a variety of real-world applications for the current technology in the lead generation process. The success of the technology so far is part of the reason that a McKinsey study predicts that AI is going to add as much as $2.6 trillion in value in the sales and marketing arena in the coming years. Right now, though, the most important ways that AI can enhance business lead generation efforts is in the following areas:

1. Generating lead insights

One of the key tasks that today’s sales and marketing experts have to accomplish is to find ways to understand existing leads so as to figure out how to best engage with them. In the past, much of this work happened based on personal instinct (like the old-school salesman’s gut feelings). Today, the process is all about data”.

How AI Can Enhance Business Lead Generation Efforts

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