Amazon launched Sponsored Display advertising options in September 2019. With this option you create display campaigns in minutes with a budget of any size and reach the right audience for your business both on and off Amazon.

Merkle’s Melissa Reilly has published a detailed article on Sponsored Display ads.

Reilly says, “There are a few key differences that separate Sponsored Display from advertising on the DSP:

  • Cost model: Sponsored Display is charged on a cost-per-click basis while the DSP charges on a CPM model.
  • Creative: Ad creative on Sponsored Display can not be customized and is all generated by Amazon. This is intentional, helping to keep Sponsored Display as a low-effort ad format. On the DSP, ad design is customizable.
  • Targeting: All audiences for Sponsored Display campaigns are automatically created based on users’ Amazon shopping activities – again, this is part of the value proposition of Sponsored Display and keeps management simpler. On the DSP, advertisers have access to a variety of audience types, including lookalikes, demographics, and in-market segments, and have more control over which audiences they leverage”.

Sponsored Display: An Overview of One of Amazon’s Newest Ad Options


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