You need a strong content marketing strategy to persuade your prospects to become customers. A good strategy helps you to meet your marketing goals.

A CMI study has revealed that approximately 91% organizations use content marketing to connect with their customers.

Business 2 Community contributor Dave Polykoff has shared five points to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Polykoff says, “The benefits of content marketing go beyond how a program directly affects your company’s bottom line.

Along the way, it is possible to perform measurement and evaluation for how effectively your content marketing is contributing to each one of five main areas.

1. Helping your company to be found online

Customers can’t access your content – or your products and services – if they can’t find you online.

The right content skillfully includes highly relevant keywords and valued information that can be referenced by other credible websites.

If your content is accomplishing both of these tasks, you’ll be highly ranked in search engine results”.

5 Points To Measure In Order to Know Your Content Marketing Strategy is Working

Business 2 Community

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