According to a Statista study, the number of total social media users has reached 2.82 billion in 2019. We may expect even more people to use social media sites in the coming year.

You need to have a strong strategy to take advantage of different social media platforms for promoting your business.

Business 2 Community contributor Tiffany Fowel has shared five ways to build brand awareness using social media.

Fowel says, “In this post, we’ll show you simple ways to use social media to help you establish a consistent brand that you can leverage as you connect with your prospects and customers throughout the funnel.

1 – Use consistent branding across your profiles

Your visitors should be able to move from your Twitter account to your Instagram page and immediately recognize that both profiles are operated by the same brand.

Why? Keeping your social media profiles consistent tells your audience they’re in the right place. This helps them get the information they’re looking for faster—whether it’s your business hours, phone number or any other information about your brand”.

5 Easy Ways to Build Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Business 2 Community

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