To achieve content marketing success you need new tactics that help you to catch your audience’s attention and convey your message. Thought leadership is one such tactic used by content marketers to build credibility for better marketing results.

HubSpot contributor Rebecca White has published ‘The Content Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership’ to help you learn more about thought leadership and how you can apply it in your marketing.

White says, “A person or company might use thought leadership as a content marketing strategy because providing value to your audience demonstrates your brand helpfulness. Then, down the road when someone is seeking a product or service like the ones you provide, they’ll consider you an expert and turn to you first.

Let’s review some best practices before you get started.

1. Know your audience and continue learning about them.

Knowing your audience is the key to succeeding with any marketing strategy, and thought leadership is no different. Begin with your buyer persona. What motivates, inspires, or causes your audience pain? What questions are they asking? To figure this out, look on social media or conduct customer interviews. Once you know these things, you can begin answering their questions with thought leadership content”.

The Content Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership


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