Some new marketers may not be aware of the power of Google AdWords, Google’s pay per click service for marketers.

For many years, marketers have used AdWords to place ads in the Google search results and on websites that have signed up with Google to display these ads.

Depending on a number of factors, these AdWords ads can be an effective source of leads and sales.

Kevin Fahey has just released training on how to make effective use of the AdWords service. As with many of his training products, he released this in the form a group of checklists (IM Checklist 23 – Google AdWords) that guide you to the best return on your AdWords investment.

As usual for this checklist-based training, Fahey has included 18 checklists, covering all phases of AdWords marketing. Here are these checklists:
► How to set up Google Ads Account
► How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner
► Do’s and Dont’s of Google Ads
► Tracking Conversions Google Ads
► Setting up Google Ads Campaign
► Strategies for Google Ads Bidding
► A guide to Ads Schedule
► Ads Search Campaign Checklist
► Google Ads Copywriting Tips to Grab Everyone’s Attention
► Secrets to Google Ads Success
► Reasons for your unsuccessful Google Ads
► Top Google Ads Tools for Success
► Optimizing Google Advertising Costs
► Questions to Ask Before Starting your Google Ads Campaign
► Pre-Launch Google Ads Tips you should not Miss
► Account Audit Checklist for Google Ads
► Google Ads Tips to Boost your Campaign
► The Ultimate Google Ads Checklist

When you build your AdWords marketing plan with this guidance, you will eliminate many beginner mistakes that will impact the return on your investment, which should result improve your overall profitability.

Get the whole story here and get the best available price (since he raises the price frequently): IM Checklist 23 – Google AdWords.

By the way, Fahey includes a license to resell this training under your own business name, if you wish to do so.

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