To continuously improve your marketing performance, you need to stay creative and make your team members curious abut new marketing ideas, as well.

By leading your team members to perform their marketing activities with a creative and critical mindset, you can energize them and improve your overall marketing performance.

State of Digital contributor Morgen Henderson has shared 11 ways to help you keep your marketing team curious and creative for better performance.

Henderson says, “Implementing a great digital marketing strategy requires left- and right-brain skills: attention to data and details as well as creative and abstract thinking. There’s data aplenty in the modern marketing landscape, but creativity can be harder to come by when your job requires it day in and day out. Here are some ways to keep your marketing team open to new ideas and thinking creatively. 

Find inspiration

Look around your field and identify who has the most interesting or unexpected marketing. What do you like about it? What makes it unusual? Is there a way it’s not working well, even if it made a splash?

Examining what other organizations with similar goals are doing is a good way to kickstart curiosity about what you’re doing internally. And don’t stop there—also look for organizations with different goals who are working in similar ways to yours. The goal with this is not to emulate what others are doing, but to approach their work with a curious mindset and try to understand their methods in order to take inspiration from them”.

How to Keep Your Marketing Team Curious and Creative

State of Digital

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