Marketers and advertisers use different tools and tactics to achieve better performance on Facebook. Five such tactics that marketers use are labelled as Facebook 5. According to Facebook, these tactics can transform ad performance and scale across the Facebook Family of Apps.

Social Media Examiner’s Lynsey Fraser has published an article highlighting different aspects of Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools.

Fraser says, “When the Power 5 tools are used together, they create stronger results for advertisers and better ROI within eCommerce campaigns because Facebook is using its data, statistical models, and machine learning to learn as much as possible about your customers and optimize ad delivery for the best results.

#1: Facebook Auto Advanced Matching

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of JavaScript code installed on your website that feeds information back to Facebook about how visitors interact with your site. The pixel is “fired” when a visitor with a logged-in and active Facebook account loads one of your web pages with the pixel installed or clicks a certain section of your site.

Each customer has a unique identifier from Facebook and this information is passed by the pixel back to your Events Manager (within your ad account) for you to read the data”.

Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools: What Marketers Need to Know

Social Media Examiner

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