Green screen technology can improve the appearance of your videos, making them more likely to:
► Get people to watch till the end
► Attract Likes, Tweets and Re-posts
► Get clicks on your Call to Action buttons

With green screen technology, you record your video in front of a screen that is a particular shade of green. You then use software to remove that green backdrop and replace it with any scene you have a picture of.

In the final video after the software processes it, you could be sitting at a TV news desk, standing in an office, or in a scenic outdoor location. If you have the right software and the scene you would like to use, the rest is simple.

A new package of software called the Green Screen Studios Bundle gives you the capability of doing it all.

Here’s what you are getting in this Green Screen Studios Bundle:


140 unique professional backgrounds. Each one has motion elements to make it look highly realistic.

Editing Software

Video editing software and tutorials on how to use it. No more fees on expensive tools to edit your videos.


Learn how to setup your home studio, record videos and how to edit them for best results.

The only other thing you need (besides a camera) is the green screen to stand in front of while making the video. Amazon has one here: Neewer 9 x 15 feet (2.7 x 4.6) Meters Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop Background Screen with 3 Clamps for Photo Video Studio Photography (Amazon associate link). It also has other sizes on the same page.

Boost your video effectiveness with this new bundle. Get it here: Green Screen Studios Bundle

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