Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just launched a new application that many online marketers will find helpful.

Engage bot meme creation software

EngagBot is a brand new, visually-engaging system that immediately grabs your visitors on a personal, human-level and engages them to first, hold their attention and then, to encourage them to buy.

It is smart software, loaded with powerful words of wisdom overlaid on striking pictures. When you use this new software to generate these “memes” in your social media accounts, it creates a positive impression of you and your products and services. At the same time, it drives traffic to your site with these attention-grabbing viral quotes.

That’s important because you need to differentiate your business from others in your niche.

To do that, you need meaningful content for your customers to view so they tune out all the noise on the internet and listen to, trust and, ultimately, buy from you.

The goal of EngagBot is to get you paying customers at no cost by leveraging posts that affect the readers emotionally on a personal, human level.

Your readers will not forget how your inspiring quotes made them feel.

You could do this yourself without EngagBot. All you need to do is:
1. Find an attention-grabbing image and pay for commercial-use.
2. Download the correct format, and edit properly so it’s social-media-ready for every social media site you use.
3. Apply a legal, eye-catching font to your inspiring quotation, a font that attracts attention and
4. Share your created meme on your social media accounts.

Do all this, and do it well, and you have a visual quote that stops people in their tracks..

Of course, that’s a lot of work and requires a good bit of creativity and design sense. But there is a better way. What if you could accomplish this entire process automatically without needing prior knowledge, experience or skills?

Well, that’s what EngagBot is all about.

This software is loaded with a collection of insightful words of wisdom that you can use to create attention-grabbing viral quotes.

And, fortunately for all of us, we won’t need any technical skills to get started.

Get started using this new tool and watch your engagement improve. Get it here: EngagBot

PS: Your window of opportunity to grab your visitor’s attention is about 7 seconds. This software helps you take maximum advantage of those 7 seconds.

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