CompareShop was just released by Dr. Amit Pareek. This new software creates “Comparison E-com Stores (similar to stunning BizRate&tm; and Shopzilla&tm;TM ). It selects products based on you keywords and loads these products and video reviews of the products (where available) into your store automatically. This tool also includes a traffic engine to bring traffic to your site. And it’s so simple to use that in under an hour your store can be online.

CompareShop optimizes your stores for good SEO.

Your store’s products can include products by e-com giants such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. or add your own products.

The implementation is simple:
Step #1: Setup and Insert – Setup your CompareShop site by inserting the keywords related to your niche to tell the software to add in-demand products for your niche into your store.

Step #2: Compare and Choose – Choose the products you want to show in the comparison tables (with their editable Reviews, if you like) so your visitors can compare the similar products and buy the ones they choose.

Step #3: Drive Traffic using the built-in SEO and social media (using the built-in social media traffic engine.)

If you invest in CompareShop during the launch period, there is just a small one-time fee. There are no monthly fees.

Use the coupon supervip for a 15% Discount off the already low investment.

The price is rising. Get your access to this new store builder now: CompareShop.

Dr. Pareek has offered 15 Special Bonuses to our readers:

Bonus#1 Niche Market Discovery
Bonus#2 Your eCommerce Store
Bonus#3 Mobile eCommerce Simplified
Bonus#4 Ecom Mastery
Bonus#5 Affiliate Lifestyle Secrets
Bonus#6 The Newbies Guide To Internet Success
Bonus#7 Monetizing and Utilizing Your Website
Bonus#8 Digital Sales
Bonus#9 Secrets of Marketing via Social Networking
Bonus#10 Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment
Bonus#11 Free Business Videos PRO
Bonus#12 RPI Check Software
Bonus#13 Hijacking Niches 24-Hours Creation
Bonus#14 The Unstoppable Google Marketer
Bonus#15 Easy Banner Ad Rotator

When you invest in this new store builder, you get all these bonuses at no additional cost. We’ll place a download link on the JVZoo download page for the main product. Hint: you will download these files one at a time. Click “View” and then select the ones you want (or all 15), one at a time and click download.

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