According to a HubSpot study, 76% of users look for interesting content on Facebook. Also, content consumption on Facebook has increased 57% since 2014.

With this rising popularity graph of the social network, most of us are tempted to advertise on Facebook. But not all ads perform well. You need to create the ads that catch attention of your target audience and make them take an action.

Social Media Examiner team has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Customize Facebook Ads Based on Customer Awareness Principles’ featuring Ralph Burns.

Listen to the podcast to learn how you can improve your Facebook ads and get better ROI.

SME team says, “Looking for a proven strategy to create Facebook ads? Wondering how to deliver different Facebook ads based on peoples’ familiarity with your business?

To explore how to customize Facebook ads based on consumer awareness of your brand, I interview Ralph Burns on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Ralph is the founder of Tier 11, an ad agency focused on providing full-service and “done with you” ads for eCommerce and digital product businesses. He’s also a co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast.

Ralph shares the five levels of awareness consumers move through, and how to create Facebook ads for each of the five levels of customer awareness”.

How to Customize Facebook Ads Based on Customer Awareness Principles

Social Media Examiner

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