Google displays featured snippets at the top of its Organic results. The snippets show the extracts from the web pages that answer search engine queries.

Portent contributor Evan Hall has shared an article on how you can compete to get listed in the featured snippets.

Hall says, “Your content must rank on the first page of Google’s search results to be eligible for a featured snippet. SEMrush and Ahrefs have done research in the past to see where the source pages of featured snippets rank, and over 99% of the time pages in the first 10 blue links are the source. However, your page doesn’t need to be the first result to be featured. Those studies found that the first result occupied the featured snippet for the query only 27-31% of the time.

User Satisfaction and Split Testing

Featured snippets are volatile. Google is frequently split testing featured snippets to see which answer users prefer. The metrics Google could be looking at are how long users are reading the snippet”.

How to Compete for Featured Snippets in Google


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