Google search gives priority in its results to the websites with HTTPS certification. The company has been favoring thr transition towards HTTPS for providing a safer web experience to everyone.

Today Google has announced that Chrome will gradually start ensuring that https:// pages can only load secure https:// subresources.

Emily Stark and Carlos Joan Rafael Ibarra Lopez of Chrome security team say, ” In the past several years, the web has made great progress in transitioning to HTTPS: Chrome users now spend over 90% of their browsing time on HTTPS on all major platforms. We’re now turning our attention to making sure that HTTPS configurations across the web are secure and up-to-date.

HTTPS pages commonly suffer from a problem called mixed content, where subresources on the page are loaded insecurely over http://. Browsers block many types of mixed content by default, like scripts and iframes, but images, audio, and video are still allowed to load, which threatens users’ privacy and security”.

No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS

Google Security Blog

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