Quality content enables you to improve your site’s visibility in search engines, increase website traffic and achieve higher conversion rate. According to Contently, quality content can help you to influence people’s buying decisions.

BrightEdge contributor Gabriele Regalbuto has shared some useful tips to improve your content marketing strategy with the help of data.

Regalbuto says, “With the level of competition today, brands have to be highly targeted in how they create their content marketing strategy. Brands that create content without carefully tracking what they create and where it goes set themselves up for wasted time and money.

Understanding where your customers live online and the type of content they want to see requires a level of precision and dedication to your content marketing strategy. Customers often have their own ways of describing pain points and solutions that differ from the way those in the industry speak. It is also easy to leave gaps when creating content that nurtures people through the entire customer journey, such as creating content for people at the top of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel but neglecting those in the middle”.

Your Content Marketing Strategy: Using Data to Take it to the Next Level


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