Converting an inquiry into a sale takes a lot of time. A well-planned sales-cycle can help you to be more clear about the whole process and reach your goals.

HubSpot contributor Claire Murdough has shared fifteen strategies to speed up your sales cycle and increase revenue.

Murdough says, “As a sales professional, you want to enter each stage of the sales cycle making best use of you and your prospect’s time. Let’s review a few smart strategies that will help you land the sale even faster.

1. Automate repetitive tasks

Consider this: The average SDR spends 21% of their time writing emails, and 17% of their time prospecting and researching leads. It is not uncommon for top sales reps to spend more hours in a day organizing or inputting information than actually selling.

Sales automation tools can remove these tasks from your plate or make them easier to complete. Automating repetitive tasks helps reps spend more of their cognitive time working on high-value tasks like building targeted relationships”.

15 Smart Strategies to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle


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