Online advertising helps you to reach your target audience and increase sales. With the help of Facebook’s advertising platform you can extend your reach to specific groups and boost your revenue.

Social Media Examiner contributor Lynsey Fraser has offered three tips to cut down your Facebook advertising cost and continue to get the same performance.

Fraser says, “Want more control over your Facebook campaign costs? Have you considered using manual Facebook ad bidding? In this article, you’ll discover three ways to control your Facebook advertising costs with manual bid strategies.

Understand How Facebook’s Ad Delivery System Works

Facebook uses an auction system to determine which advertisers get their ads shown. Advertisers bid for their customers’ attention; the more bids you win, the more impressions of your ad get shown and the more chances your ads will get in front of the right people.

But unlike a traditional auction, Facebook’s system doesn’t just let the highest bidder win”.

How to Reduce Facebook Ad Costs With Manual Bidding

Social Media Examiner

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