According to a July 2019 report from StatCounter, 71% of PC users access the Internet using Google Chrome web browser. Google continues to improve the browser to deliver a smooth surfing experience to its users.

Google’s Margret Schmidt has posted an article highlighting how Chrome provides a safe and easy browsing experience to its users and how it can be improved further.

Schmidt says, “There are a million and one reasons you open your browser every day, and keeping track of tabs shouldn’t distract you from your goals. With tab improvements and more options to customize Chrome, you’ll be equipped to take on the day. 

Chrome updates frequently to bring you new features and security improvements, and our latest version will help you get back into your productivity groove. Here’s an overview of new features coming to Chrome this fall. 

Keep tabs on your tabs

Ever lost track of tabs on your phone? Us too. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see Android’s new grid layout, which helps you select tabs more easily and preview thumbnails of the tabs you have open. (iOS users will already see this tab grid layout)”. 

Get more done with a little help from Google Chrome

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