Approximately 51% of US Internet users listen to podcasts. A Podcast Insights study states that the podcast listeners are loyal, affluent and educated. So if you wish to target a group of people who should have the above three traits, podcast marketing is right for you.

WNIP contributor Charlotte Ricca has shared a five-step guide to help you start podcasting.

Ricca says, “There are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure your podcast is from an audio perspective as professional as it could be.

1. Invest in a digital recorder

Your computer can act as a recording device for your podcast, but a quality digital recorder will improve your sound and your workflow. Digital recorders offer a lot more settings and options, because that’s what they’re built for.

Professional level kit sells for GBP £300 or £400 (US $370 or $490) and comes with a range of features such as internal mics and editing tools. One of the most important tools a pro-level recorder offers is the ability to record each voice on a different channel. This means if someone talks over another guest, or you cough or sniff, you can edit out the unwanted noise. You can also equalise sound levels, if one of you is louder”.

How to start a podcast: First steps


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