According to a WordStream study, Google AdWords, on average, gives marketers a 3.7% conversion rate on its search network, more or less, depending on the industry the ad addresses.  To improve your conversion rate, you need to polish your ads, and experiment with variations, to make them more appealing to viewers.  Of course, that takes time. To have the time to improve your ads, you should take advantage of the automation possibilities Google offers.

Michelle Morgan, a WordStream contributor has shared 10 ways that can help you to save your time creating and publishing your Google ads.

Morgan says, “The simplest way to save time in Google Ads is to let the machines take over some of the work for you, so my first few strategies are all about automations. Just keep in mind that your automation is only as good as you allow it to be. It’s all a machine. Good data in, good data out. 

1. Set automated rules

Automated rules have been around in Google Ads for—well, as long as I can remember, honestly. They’re a fantastic tool for creating very specific alerts or changes in your account.

Here are some common uses for automated rules:

  • Scheduling temporary campaign pauses
  • Keyword bid adjustments”.

10 Ways to Spend Less Time in Google Ads


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