Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have been promoting their new online “software as a service” (SaaS) tool, VideoFXPro for the last 7 days. Their launch period is ending today.

This is a powerful creator of hybrid animations (sometimes called “cinemagraphs”). It aims to give you more engagement, clicks, leads & sales.

Video is your go-to tool for improving your results because your content must be compelling and credible in order to get attention. If you don’t get attention, your results will suffer, and video is the top way to get attention.

You won’t need any technical skills to get started with VideoFXPro.

All you need to do is:

Step 1 – Add a YouTube video, your own or one from the library directly inside the dashboard.

Step 2 – Highlight the area for hybrid animation, add special motion effects, elements, your call to action and hit render.

Step 3 – Your hybrid animation is ready to get you the attention you need so that your message gets heard.

The animations you produce are emotionally entertaining and make a powerful impact on your audience today.

That automatically gives you a higher level of trust because people recognize that it takes effort (and, putatively, skill) to create one of these.

You can delight people and turn them into customers with appealing hybrid animations that get them to stop, click and invest in your offer.

And it’s friction-free; they don’t have to manually visit another website to buy. They just click on your call to action in the video. Plus it’s so easy that there will be little reason for them to check out your competitors.

One alternative would be to spend months learning Adobe Creative Suite. It’s good software and can make fine videos. Or you can go here to start creating videos right away using VideoFXPro.

And until the launch ends at midnight, there’s a $5 discount code: 5OFFTODAY.

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