Content is the king – is a well accepted fact. But should we care to create fresh content or accurate content? Surely our content should have both the elements. But, does accuracy help you to influence rankings?

Search Engine Land contributor George Nguyen has published an article titled ‘Content accuracy is not a ranking factor’ citing Google’s Danny Sullivan.

Nguyen says, “Google’s systems cannot verify the accuracy of content; instead, it relies on signals that the company thinks aligns with “relevancy of topic and authority,” according to Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison, in a tweet posted from his personal account on September 9. This attracted attention from SEOs and kicked off a conversation.

It’s not a popularity contest. When Bill Slawski, director of SEO research for Go Fish Digital, cited Google’s own explanation of how search algorithms work, interpreting them to mean that popularity determines confidence scores for content, Sullivan replied, “No. It is not popularity.” He then elaborated that popularity would be too simple a signal and possibly inapplicable to new queries, which constitute 15% of Google’s daily search volume”.

Content accuracy is not a ranking factor

Search Engine Land

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