Mark Bishop just released new software as a service for getting you good, productive rankings in Google and YouTube. He calls it VS Evolution.

In just 5 simple steps, you can find SEO phrases that have low competition, but are trending, for your niche.
1. Type in the root keyword. The system looks up relevant information.
2. From the list of phrases related to that keyword the system shows you, select one that is popular with the public, but not ovrwhelmed by marketers. How. It’s easy. The system shows this class of keywords in green.
3. Copy the ranking factor information for that phrase that the system provides. Some of these ranking factors aren’t visible on YouTube’s user interface, but the system looks below the surface to find them.
4. Use the system to either make a new video and upload it to YouTube, or use it to upload an existing video, along with the ranking information (tags, etc.)
5. Watch how quickly your video ranks for the phrase you selected, because the system told you just the right traffic-pulling information you needed for your video to rank.

The result is free traffic to your page with the video, usually beginning the same day, according to Bishop.

The process is simplicity itself:
► No SEO
► No Backlinks
► No Cost
► No Waiting for results

VS Evolution is designed to be easy to use, even if you are inexperienced, so you can get results right away.

When you rank on YouTube, you will also rank on Google, itself, because Google give high importance to YouTube videos. This way, people will find your video whether they search on YouTube or on Google.

You can see it in action and, for a very low investment, start using it yourself, here: VS Evolution.

By the way, when you buy the upgrade (we did), you will be able to use the software an unlimited amount. (The basic version allows 10 videos every month.) And “unlimited” may be important to you if:
a. You want to go into business ranking videos for other people. The sales page shows Fiverr gigs selling this service for $27, $47, or more. This could be an opportunity for you.
b. You are building a large number of sites for yourself or others, each needing its own videos to promote its products.

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