Marketer and author Britt Malka has created a new short training course called 5-Minute Product Creation.

In this course, she explains how she created a viable, commercial product in 5 minutes, and she gives step-by-step instructions for doing it yourself.

We don’t want you to get the wrong impression about this training and the opportunity it opens up for you.

1. You can’t do this unless you have some valuable knowledge to put into your product. You need a product people will be happy they bought, so you need some good information to give them.
2. She has used this product creation process several times. It now takes her five minutes, but the first time you do it, don’t expect to be that quick. It wasn’t that quick for her the first time, either.
3. You won’t be creating the replacement for Microsoft Word. That is, it won’t be a complex product; it will be a simple training product or other information product.
4. While 5-Minute Product Creation, itself, was probably created with a process similar to the one it teaches, Malka, no doubt spent more than five minutes creating it. Besides the step-by-step instructions, she includes numerous helpful screen captures and links to external resources.

If you need to create a product to get your business growth on track, particularly a give-away product or a low-cost product to bring people into your “funnel” or to build your mailing list, this inexpensive training may get you started quickly.

Check it out here: 5-Minute Product Creation.

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