The secret to building a profitable, sustainable business online is following a proven step-by-step system that gives you results every single time you follow it. Not reinventing the wheel has its advantages.

For over a year, Kevin Fahey has been releasing monthly guides to various aspects of marketing, one per month. He releases them in the form of checklists that you follow step by step to get you from knowing nothing about the topic to being competent in the topic.

He builds these checklists based on his own 12 years of experience online. Now he has collected the first year’s content into a single book: Silver Edition of IM Checklists.

These 12 collections of checklists guide you to competence in these areas:
► Product Creation
► Email Marketing
► Social Media Marketing
► Affiliate Marketing
► Video Marketing
► Canva Design
► Newbie Marketing
► Messenger Marketing
► Outsourcing
► Self Publishing
► Building a Business on WordPress
► Offline Business Startup

Silver Edition of IM Checklists will simplify every task in your business and give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to making money online.

This is a printed book that will arrive at your mail box after you invest, a permanent printed copy of the checklists covering a whole year of training. And the investment is less than he charged originally for these checklists in only downloadable form.

Get your own copy here: Silver Edition of IM Checklists.

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